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About me

Bright. Curious. Friendly.

I am a self-starter who loves learning and solving problems as well as teaching others. I know how to listen well, and am excellent at both written and verbal communication. Smiles come easily to me, and I'm engaging and easy to get along with.

My interests are wide-ranging and include movies, reading fiction and non-fiction, attending live music performances, cooking excellent meals, bicycling and hiking.

Although I've spent the last 18 years working in semiconductor manufacturing (nearly 13 years at the same company), I just graduated from The Tech Academy and am now a full-stack developer, conversant in a half-dozen different languages.



I can design web pages using HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap and WordPress.


I have over 10 years experience in writing technical specs and carefully documenting my activities and any changes made to shared systems.


I have a working knowledge of database management and am familiar with all aspects of SQL.

JScript & jQuery

I am thoroughly familiar with both JavaScript and jQuery and can make web pages remarkably dynamic using these tools.


I am well-versed in Python and can code in both versions 2 and 3. I also have a working knowledge of the Django framework including the Django shell.

C# & Visual Studio

I am proficient in C# and aspects of Visual Studio such as Web Forms, ASP.NET and the Entity Framework MVC.

Work history

Prosper IT

As an intern, using knowledge of HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Python, C# and SQL and Agile/Scrum methodology, I am working on projects for clients and mentoring students.

Maxim Integrated
As a Yield Engineering Tech, worked closely with senior engineering on both improvement projects and manufacturing excursions, writing script-based programs on and operating defect-detection tools and scanning electron microscope. Also received some training and operating experience on FIB system. Monitored and edited statistical process control charts. Kept detailed documentation of tasks and changes to shared systems, as well as writing technical specs. Member of Emergency Response Team for ~9 years.

Big Graphics, Inc.
12/02 through 12/03
Operated and maintained large (5’ x 12’) silkscreen press and large (5’ x 8’) inkjet printer in a manufacturing environment. Remained self-motivated without direct supervision.

Kelly Services
4/02 through 11/02
Worked at Intel Fab 15. Duties included ensuring WIP kept moving, dealing with simple tool issues and delegating more complex ones to specialists, and some basic preventative maintenance.

IDT, Inc.
6/97 through 10/01
After being fully trained in two areas (including operations and maintenance), was promoted to R&D technician. Was responsible for interpreting R&D engineers’ Special Test Requests, expediting R&D and hot manufacturing lots, contacting R&D engineers and upper management during night shift, starting test lots and performing tasks for the R&D engineers.


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